New brewery from Esau & Hueber for private owned brewery Hofmann

  • 07/17/2017

Pahres, Germany – Beer has been brewed at the private owned brewery Hofmann for over 350 years. The owners of the family business located at the Franconian town of Pahres, Germany, finally laid the foundation stone for a new brewery some time ago. One of the first steps towards modernization was taken in 2000 when a new building for a logistics center was erected a few hundred meters away from the old site – a state-of-the-art bottling plant is now situated there as well as a large warehouse and the administration department. The old production site with the brewery and the fermenting and storage cellar and the new bottling plant were connected by a beer pipeline. However, fast-growing production figures meant that a comprehensive new brewery building was required. This was built at the new location on the area behind the logistics center in 2016.


In collaboration with the Hofmann brewery, Esau & Hueber GmbH was responsible for the overall concept and technical planning of the new brewery right to its approval. The plans were supervised by the Association of Private Breweries in Bavaria (Verband Private Brauereien Bayern e.V.). The malt silos, malt handling, brewery, fermenting and storage cellar, pressure tank cellar, filtration, bottling (supply lines were provided in an underground tunnel) as well as the CIP facilities all had to be taken into account.


The new brewery – a five-vessel brewery with a production quantity of 70 hl – is designed to produce more than 100,000 hl per year, with the possibility of increasing production to 150,000 hl per year. It consists of a mash container, a lauter tun, a supply tank, a wort kettle with external boiler as well as a whirlpool. The entire technology of the brewery including all the drives, pumps, the complete product and water piping, the external boiler, a quadruple hops feeder and the entire steam pipe system including all fittings is installed beneath the show floor area.




Using modern brewery technology, the private brewery Hofmann is able to brew up to ten batches a day. This increase in capacity enables a high level of planning security, particularly during periods of high production. Despite the change from the directly heated wort kettle in the old brewery to an external boiler in the new facility, the preservation of traditional beer flavors remained always paramount. This can be efficiently achieved by the variable adjustment of the steam pressure on the mash pan and the external boiler.


"All of the new facilities have proven themselves within the first few months", reports Hans Nerb, brewing technology sales department at Esau & Hueber. "The personnel costs and maintenance efforts were considerably reduced, we saved energy and optimized the quality of the wort."