Turn-Key-Project: US-Craft Beer Producer counts on brewing technology by Esau & Hueber

  • 11/21/2017

Turn-Key-Project: US-Craft Beer Producer counts on brewing technology by Esau & Hueber

ESAU & HUEBER GmbH, Schrobenhausen is pleased to announce that the largest individual project in company history has now been concluded after a running time of approximately one year.

A turn-key project, that will set new standards in the specialist craft beer scene, has been assembled in the US state of Ohio for a renowned Craft Beer producer.

ESAU & HUEBER has constructed a state of the art brewery on a freshly developed plot of land. The centrepiece comprises of a five vessel brewhouse with a knock-out volume of 200 hl, which is equipped to fulfill a yearly capacity of approximately 300,000 hl.

To achieve the demanding specifications set by the client, regarding productivity, the hot-area specialists at ESAU & HUEBER had to devise a highly individualised brewhouse concept including the following special features:

  • Utilisation of a wet malt mill with a capacity of 20 t/h for homogonised mash and fast brewing cycles
  • Five vessel brewhouse including mash tun, lauter tun, pre-run vessel, wort kettle and whirlpool with separate cleaning cycles for each vessel to enable simultaneous cleaning during an uninterrupted brewing process.
  • Optimised lauter tun with new outlets and raking machine to accelerate the lauter process and improve the efficience
  • Wort pre-cooler to improve wort quality.
  • Optimisation of the energy system regarding hot water by the implementation of a vapour condensor.

Apart from the brewery hot area, which is clearly preceded by a suitably conceived malt handling system, the corporation from Schrobenhausen was also responsible for a whole range of additional process areas.

Essentially these areas include:

  • Water system, water treatment and water dearation.
  • Cleaning system (CIP) for the non-filtrate and the filtrate areas of the complete brewery.
  • Highly sophisticated yeast management system.
  • Fermentation and storage cellar with 22 cylindro-conical tanks, with capacities of 100, 200, 400 und 800 hl net volume.
  • Complex yet clearly laid out piping system in the cellar, enabling simple handling by the chief operator, largely under full automation.
  • Filter and bright beer tank cellar piping system equivalent to the fermentation cellar system, with an equal level of automation.

As requested by the client, the facility was not equipped with the in-house developed WINBREW® Process control system. For improved compatibility and synergy with other sites belonging to the group, the widespread BRAUMAT System was utilised.

This project has initiated a new dimension of complete plant engineering and construction for ESAU & HUEBER. The experience accumulated during this venture will be a benefit to a whole host of our present as well as future clients.

This endeavour provides a reference to shine as a beacon for the North American continent, which will be followed by many more projects to come.

Together with our partner GUSMER Inc. the brand ESAU & HUEBER will establish itself sustainably on the continent and is best equipped to accompany the rapid development of the brewing scene in the USA.